21st Century Education

"The world doesn't care with what you know. What the world cares about is what you do with what you know"

- Tony Wagner

Getting good grades and test scores may be the prevailing custom in today's education scenario. But thriving in the 21st century will require competencies far more than academic credentials.

The role of education is no longer to teach content, but to help our children learn in any given situation they come across.

At The Hillside Prep, we firmly believe in equipping our students with certain core competencies such as critical thinking, digital literacy, collaboration, effective communication, social skills, leadership qualities and problem solving to name a few.

With a well-designed pedagogy, we will empower students with life skills and help them turn passions into decisive life advantages.


"Learner Centred Classrooms to Learn Beyond Classrooms"


At The Hillside Prep, we believe that each child is unique and gifted to create advancement in their fields world-wide. Children are encouraged and facilitated to find answers and solutions to problems by themselves. The personalized learning and guidance facilitated with modern amenities and infrastructure give advantageous possibilities to envision future science, arts and sports.


At The Hillside Prep, our focus will be on providing opportunities to our students to apply 21st century skills across content areas.

Our School will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) & the Cambridge Curriculum (CIE) at the Pre-Primary and Primary level. We will be implementing the Phenomenon Based Learning (PhenoBL) in our teaching- learning methodology.

Our educational programs will measure up to accentuate a profound understanding and application in multi-disciplinary tasks. Our methodology and delivery of content will ensure that we create steadfast and strong minds that are open to knowledge gaining.


Phenomenon Based Learning (PhenoBL)


PhenoBL is a multidisciplinary, constructivist form of learning or pedagogy where students study a topic or concept through a holistic approach instead of subject-based approach. Here, the real-world phenomena provides the starting point for learning. The phenomena are studied as complete entities in their real context, and the information & skills related to them are studied by crossing the boundaries between subjects.


Assessment of Knowledge & Experience


Assessment is one of the rapidly changing aspects of education. Its philosophy, approaches, methods and tools have recently witnessed substantial changes.

At The Hillside Prep, learning will be assessed through performance: What children can do with their learning. Assessment will be a ‘continuous process’ rather than ‘an event’. Parents will be kept updated and provided regular feedback on their child’s performance.

At the Pre-Primary and Primary level, the criteria for assessment will be based on Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Cambridge (CIE) benchmarks.